One of three treasures in Wenyuan

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century peony --- The implied meaning of peony is glory honor and riches, and praised as "king of flowers". This peony was planted at the home of Mr. Jiang Keshao, Dantu Town, eastern suburb of Zhenjiang. It has one hundred years in Jiang's family, meaning century flourishing. When Wenyuan Garden was constructed, Mr. Jiang donated agreeably this flower to Wenyuan in November 2001.
 The legend says no any flowers appear for a long time when this peony was planted in front of Jinshan Cishou Tower. It was blown into Changjiang River by wind and floated along the Great Canal into the home of Mr.Jiang, i.e. the family of Jiang Keshao's grandfather. Up to the Revolution of 1911 was successful after several years, the peony was full of flowers. Today, in spring with floral scent, counting the flowers of century peony becomes a landscape in Wen Yuan.