Baixian Tomb

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Baixian Tomb was listed as historical relic in Jiangsu Province in 1982. At the eastern side of the Bamboo Forest Temple, the length of the tomb is 100 meters and the width is 30 meter. The tomb is surrounded by green cedars and tall candlenut trees. His name is Zhao Shen,Zi as Baixian, born in Dagang, Zhenjiang. He followed Sun Zhongshan for the revolution overthrowing feudal autocratic rule. He was an outstanding democratic revolutionist. Although he passed away early, all revolution activities established a foundation for the victory of the Wuchang Uprising. When National Government was founded, Sun Zhongshan appointed him as the General in honor after his death. Zhao Baixian once visited Bamboo Forest Temple together with his friends in his youth, and composted poem as: ¡°The place mentioned by people later is Zhao's tomb in deep bamboo forest.¡± Thereby, when Sun Zhongshan became the president in 1912, the young brother of Mr. Zhao Baixian took back his ash, and buried it in the east side of Bamboo Forest Temple.